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Tehran Travels Nili is specialized mainly in custom made tours. You can use the itineraries to shape your own tour dates, duration and pace. We can also combine any of the tours. The size of your group will not matter; one or hundred person visiting our country will have the same detailed care and attention. Please contact us to shape your own tour.

So, whether you want a tour of the historical monuments with your own archeologist or like to try your time in deserts of Iran or simply visit the most classical attractions in Esfahan and Shiraz or professionally looking to record birds and wildlife in Iran, our experts will know just how to make it happen. We are the partner of preference choice for many hotels and resorts, our clients are guaranteed to receive the best service available.

Iran has a rich archaeological and architectural heritage and first came centre stage in the 6th century BC under the Achaemenid dynasty. Named after Achaemenes, the 7th-century BC ruler of Anshan, the dynasty was effectively founded by Cyrus the Great, creator of the Persian Empire. At its zenith, the Empire stretched from the River Indus in the East to Thrace and Libya in the West and from the Persian Gulf to the Caucasus in the North, bringing excellent administration, law, reliable currency and postage systems and religious tolerance. Against this background, art and architecture flourished as is evidenced in the legacy from these distant times. Our itinerary of tour also does justice to the Sasanian Empire and to the splendid buildings of the Islamic period with the fall of Iran to the Arabs in 642 AD and the advent of the Muslim religion and a near millennium of conquests by foreign powers. The magnificent tower tombs, mosques, madrasas and shrines of Iran are an enduring testament to these conquerors.

We are of course best known for our archaeological, historical and cultural tours. We are proud of the diversity of our annual programme, which includes not only archaeology, art and architecture but also cultural history and ethnography. We are also keen to ensure our group tours allow clients to become involved in the people and places in the destinations we visit – so we try and include visits to local markets, restaurants and festivals.

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