It is our pleasure to warmly welcome you to Tehran Gasht Nili and thank you for your good choice to choose this complex for your leisure time. Tehran Travels Nili is a trading name of Tehran Gasht Nili This complex has the honor to be a center for expansion and development, on a universal scale, envisioning all infrastructures throughout, Iran.

Tehran Travels Nili is a renowned travel company for distinctive cultural, archaeological adventure, natural, sporty and pilgrimage tours in Iran and it is the member of International Travel and Tourism Organizations of Iran (ITTO) and Japan Association Travel Agents (JATA). Our itineraries are well designed for independent travelers or groups who are looking for the ultimate personalized experiences.

Iran is doubtless the richest open air museum of the world that never repeats itself. You will find each area and site you visit, different in several ways from each other.

We are dedicated to explore the depth and richness of Iran’s cultural and historical heritage both on land and from sea. Tehran Travels Nili recognizes Responsible Tourism by supporting the local art, culture and people, protecting the environment and creating awareness on the conservation of archeological monuments and sites.

Our groups are led by exceptional guided who are good lecturers and experienced trip leaders by choosing our travel agency you will be guided by fully qualified professionals and experts, with holidays especially tailored for you and your party. Our well-educated guides have a wide range of backgrounds, interests and specialties. They might be teachers or professors, photographers, botanists, zoologists, engineers or historians, but what they all have in common is a commitment to delivering a unique and memorable experience.

We are inviting you to experience an ideal balance of a flawless vacation and an unforgettable discovery while contributing responsibly in local destination. We introduce you to the ‘real’ country and its people, to whom hospitality is legendarily in their blood and is considered the prime virtues, that’s why they treat you as an individual not just one member of a group.

However Tehran Travels Nili is specialized mainly in custom made tours. You can use the itineraries to shape your own tour dates, duration and pace. We can also combine any of the tours. The size of your group will not matter; one or hundred person visiting our country will have the same detailed care and attention. Please contact us to shape your own tour.

So, whether you want a tour of the historical monuments with your own archeologist or like to try your time in deserts of Iran or simply visit the most classical attractions in Esfahan and Shiraz or professionally looking to record birds and wildlife in Iran, our experts will know just how to make it happen. We are the partner of preference choice for many hotels and resorts, our clients are guaranteed to receive the best service available.

This combination of expertise and discoveries create truly inspiring travel experiences – something we like to call the Tehran Travels Nili difference.

Your Satisfaction is our Goal

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