Tourist Visa for American Passport Holder

US Nationals

Visa issuance for American passport holders is subject to particular regulations.

At present the Iranian Foreign Ministry issues touristic visa for the US nationals only in the context of guided tours. In this context, US nationals are required to travel on guided tours; either as part of a bigger tour group, or a tailor made individual tour to be designed based on their preference. An exact itinerary, to which one must be adhered, is also required

At present the Iranian Foreign Ministry does not allow American passport holders to travel to Iran independently.

Americans are required to travel on escorted tours; either as part of a tour group, or a tailor made individual tour. An exact itinerary, to which you must adhere, is compulsory.

To obtain a visa, we need to make your all travel arrangements including accommodation, internal flights, and/or a private car & guide/driver throughout the trip.

The maximum duration of a visa is 30 days. However, this is at the discretion of the FM. At times they may grant visas based on your program, even if we ask for 4 weeks.

In order to proceed with the visa application, you need to complete the Visa Application Form & return them to us.

It takes around three –five weeks for the visa to be issued in the form of a reference number. Once you have this reference number, you need to have your passport stamped with the visa. In the States, you have to go to the Iranian interest section at the Pakistani embassy in Washington. You will need to complete their local visa application form, which can be downloaded from the embassies, website:

Visas can be collected at any Iranian consulate around the world or in the U.S.A. Please note, you need to inform us at the time of application, which country you wish to collect your visa.

Consular visa stamp fees for Americans are around $60.

We require a down payment at the time of application. And after getting the reference number , we appreciate you pay all the service fee by bank transfer to our account (you must pay all the bank charges so that we receive a net amount)

Visa form:

Visa Application Form (Ottawa)

Visa Application Form (Washington)

Visa  Application Form for individual under 18 years old (Washington)

Entry Visa requirement for reporters and media representatives(Washington)

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